The Rapidly Growing Sports Betting industry in US

There was a federal ban in the United States from 1992 to 2018 under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) abandoning any sports betting activities. There were only four states as an exception from this law. Those who were accepting the wagering on sports were Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana where the only option was the land based bookmakers. However, since the deferral ban was removed in early 2018 more and more stats started to work on building their own betting bill and to legalize the activity. Following, this approach many bookmakers like Fanduel introduced it’s sportsbook in addition to their Fantasy Sports product. By far at present there are almost 10 fully legalized sports betting operators in the US. Most of them have obtained license only in New Jersey which at present is the home of the online betting in US.

Apart from New Jersey, a few more states managed to come up with a betting bill and are looking for sportsbook to apply and provide with license. In addition to NJ there are also Mississippi, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. So far there are no active online bookmakers there but for sure they will show up quite soon. As far as we know, Fanduel as well as DraftKings already made their move towards the legalization of West Virginia. If you want to monitor closely the movement of those states and bookmakers you can visit the ultimate US betting guide.

A well-known fact is that the US market is one of the biggest and wealthiest in the world. The sports traditions there are huge! Overall, we are talking about the country which brought the world NBA, the American football and the baseball. Their fans are very supportive and loyal, which often makes them a great bettors. The crowd there will be easy to be converted in to active betting users which ensures a solid income for the sportsbooks. So far the opportunities in the market literally looks unlimited.

All at all, the Sports betting stage in America is at the very start. The legal way of betting is quite limited still and the fight between Democrats and Republicans is quite intensive. The future of every state will be determine most likely next year after the General Assembly in the local governments. Depending on who will win the elections we will know much better in which direction the state will go. We are looking forward to see more states with sports betting bill and license so people can enjoy the excitement of the gambling activity. By far the most promising states to legalize the sports betting are New York, Illinois, Washington and Connecting. Those are the hot states from which we are waiting for more exciting news in the new calendar 2019.

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