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Snooker cues are used to play snooker game. Snooker is different from normal pool game. Every Snooker player plays with snooker balls and a snooker cue is used to hit the ball. There are 15 red balls on the table, and each ball is worth of one point. Snooker cues are normally 57-58 inch long, and its tip is 9-10.5mm in size. According to the size of snooker balls, the tip of a snooker cue needs to be a bit larger to hit the ball perfectly.  Our online store also stocks the full range of snooker cues & accessories, including everything you need to maintain your snooker cue in tip top condition and will be shipped to you from our UK warehouse. The PowerGlide snooker cue range covers the needs of beginners through to professionals – PowerGlide is your perfect playing partner, regardless of your playing talent.

Most of the snooker cues are made of North American Maple wood to make the cue durable enough to last long. This wood is extremely strong and stable also to ensure that players can play their game with more comfortably. Snooker cues are greatest pool cues to play snooker. The completing of snooker cues might obtain a small rough due to its real wood that is utilized to make the cue. When selecting the correct cue for your following video game of snooker, it can be essential to select a company specializing in this particular type of cue. As one of the commanders in the market for their dedication to quality and high efficiency, snooker cues present players a wide range of quality items to make your following video game thrilling and well-played. An international company with an impeccable reputation, snooker pool cues have cornered the market by becoming the biggest name in the snooker game thanks to their high standards. Today many of the sport’s leading professional players endorse the brand because of the exceptional quality and high standards that prides themselves on. When it is time to take your snooker game to the next level, choose from a comprehensive selection of snooker cues and reach your goals with ease and affordability.

Cue Length

A cue, in general, should be 57-58’ long but due to the difference of arm length and body height, a good length of the cue would be one that reaches +-1’ of your shoulder.

Cue Weight

Snooker cues, be it ash or maple, can weigh anywhere from 17oz to 21oz. Different players have different preferences for the weight of the cue so be sure to choose one weight that you feel most comfortable with. Heavy cues can be quite tiring for budding players but the longer you play with it; you’ll soon develop a “feel” for the weight and cue that no one will. Moreover, not all cues have the same weight balance. Some cues are heavier at the front, some at the back and some are pretty well balanced.

Cue Tips

Most cues would have a tip size of between 9.5 to 10mm and dome shaped but many people play with flat-headed cue tips and very roundly-shaped cue tips. Best to begin off with a cue suggestion that is dome shaped. There are also pressurized cue guidelines and regular cue guidelines. Many cue guidelines that we purchase are not really pressurized. Cue suggestions are often created out of organic natural leather in amounts and by compressing them mutually for a period of period, a cue recommendation would generally finish up getting harder and as a result providing an extra power to your shot over the cue’s power. Even so, a pressurised cue recommendation that is normally certainly as well hard can result in mis-cues when obtaining images with a great offer of spin and factor. Truth to end up being informed, nobody can simply choose up a cue and play instantly with it. Many, if not really all, professional players we find have got through the years reimbursed for their cue’s flaws.

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