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When a left-handed pitcher attempts a pickoff throw to first base, he must step in the direction of the base before throwing to the base.

Pitching Rubber Balk

If the stride foot of a left-handed pitcher swings back towards second base and goes past the back edge of the rubber, he must deliver a pitch to the plate. The entire foot must cross over the back edge of the rubber for the balk to be called. It is a difficult angle for the house dish umpire but the foundation umpire should possess a great look at. Throughout the globe, about 10% of the general human population is normally Left-Hand major. This globe is usually riddled with “Righties”, which makes achieving the Main Leagues in Football appear actually tougher than typical should you become a “Lefty”. But searching at some of the Greatests of All-Time, Southpaws are great as well. Therefore, we determined to compile our own list to give those Lefties some love! Here are some of the greatest Lefties to ever play the game, in no particular order, split half-and-half Pitchers and Hitters. With that said I thought this would be a great opportunity to shed some light on how we teach the left-handed pickoff move and how it is not a “balk”. I will present the information in three parts, with the first being what I refer to as The Foundation for Holding Base Runners. The second and third parts will be a detailed description of the mechanics of the two pick off moves that can be most effective in picking off base runners. The famous 45 move, where the pitcher lifts his leg and steps along the imaginary 45* angle line and not directly toward first base. As well as the step off move or Gunslinger move, as I like to call it. Where the pitcher measures away the back again of the plastic and makes a quick toss to first foundation; this can be an extremely great tool in trying to prevent operating on first motion.


Left Handed Pitcher, ERIC ORLOFF – CLASS OF 2021 / LHP







Having a damaging pickoff move can be great, but first you must understand some essential items of info. A left-handed pitcher that will not really have a great pickoff move generally offers: 1), not really been trained a move and 2), not really dedicated the required period to get better at the move. That can be all! It’s not really hereditary. It can be believed that LHPs have this innate sense of what to do when a runner is usually on first merely because they are left-handed. Often times it is the exact opposite, LHPs are cast aside to figure it out on there own because a large majority of coaches are right handed and have little knowledge of the similarities and differences between lefties and righties. Both must have a working knowledge of all the components necessary to hold base athletes by producing sure all of your pitchers understand this details, lefties in particular, will place themselves in a much better circumstance to pickoff even more athletes. Groups with players which have great LHP movements also possess an chance for their athletes to boost their skill and research the move in practice. The list below is certainly what we possess discovered to end up being extremely useful at all amounts of football and will ideally help you and your pitchers better control the working video game.

Understand the rules

It is amazing how many players and instructors have never, yes never, read the rule book! Coaches and especially LHPs…Read the rulebook! If an umpire calls you for a balk and you concisely and respectfully give the umpire the definition of the rule and how you are not breaking it, you will gain credibility. Umpires would inquire me all the time about my pickoff move. I would explain it, then inquire the umpire what their meaning of the rule was. It will surprise you how little some umpires know and how that effects their confidence in calling a balk. I would be willing to bet my ability to explain the rule and how I wasn’t breaking it was an enormous help in me gaining reliability and as a result not really obtaining known as for many balks. If you understand the guidelines you will possess better understanding of how to make use of them to your benefit and not really end up being limited by them.

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