Get in Shape for Summer by Starting a Fall Fitness Workout Plan

With the fall here, getting in shape for the summer season starts now. Find out some great workouts from Nashua Nutrition and Ostrim that’ll have you fit for summer!

Don’t fall off your workout plan just because the weather is changing; your summer bod needs you now. Let Nashua Nutrition help you keep in shape! Utilize everything this season offers and continue reaping the benefits this winter by using these health tips for finding autumn inspiration.

Harvest and Store 

This is the season of harvest, so go out and enjoy exercise in the fresh fall air that will also keep you healthy through the winter; harvest in season fruits and vegetables.


  • Grapes- walk a beautiful vineyard and bend or squat to pick your tasty treats or grape stroll a grape festival at peak harvest time
  • Apples- enjoy frolicking around an orchard, and reaching high or even climbing to pick your perfect apples
  • Cranberries- throw on galoshes and wade through a bog, for productive resistance training


  • Plant and grow your own beets, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and turnips, and reap the fitness rewards of squatting and digging them from the ground
  • Join your local community garden to get exercise raking, tilling, digging and picking vegetables during every season

Picking fruits, and growing and harvesting vegetables offers a diverse fitness program for your autumn, but also allows you to freeze and store a complete nutrition plan for your winter. Though you probably cannot grow everything yourself, especially when it comes to farm animals, so Nashua Nutrition has your back with a variety of high protein snacks, from Ostrim, that you can easily store and eat with the rest of your harvest.

Enjoy the Foliage 

What better time is there to hike than during the peak of fall, when the brilliantly colored leaves dance around you? Explore your local scenery or discover one of these beautiful places this fall. For a longer hike, carry a backpack with enough water and healthy snacks. Make a trail mix with the fruit you picked and dehydrated and bring high protein snacks, like Ostrim Meat Sticks. If you make a habit of hiking, a high protein diet can provide you with the energy stores you need to sustain you through even the toughest terrain. Healthy snacks and gorgeous scenery are musts for a fantastic fall fitness program. Also, carry a camera with you when you hike. And for a fun switch from fall to winter, hike in the same spot mid-winter, burning extra calories if there is snow,  to make up for those holiday dinners, and take a picture in the same spot as you did during the autumn to make a beautiful contrast collage.

Follow the Leaves 

As the leaves change, transition your favorite outdoor fall sports to indoor facilities. Bring your pickup basketball games to a local YMCA, and move your soccer games to an indoor field for an even faster paced game. If bicycling is your sport, try using your legs to cross country ski, and still enjoy the beautiful scenery biking provides.

Autumn brings a variety of gifts for the hard worker to harvest, and these gifts offer a multitude of health benefit; reap them. Enjoy the beauty of transition, while keeping your body fit for when spring buds once again.

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