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Sports betting are an activity to predict the results and results of sports results. Frequency of sports betting varies by culture, amateur and professional level component of football, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, cycling on track both in auto racing, mixed martial arts and boxing. With a large most seated. Sports children are called goats by their goats legally, bookmark / game book, or by illegally personalized organizations. The term “book” refers to the books used by Verse Brokers, who trace workers, payments, and loans. Most legal sports books are online; BETWIN was founded in 1997 in Feldkirch, Austria. At that time the provider still bore the name, when he first appeared as an Internet transaction company on the stage. Only one year later was created for already a web platform for sports betting.

In 1999 the company grew rapidly, when the two highly-known top managers Manfred Bonder and Norbert Teufelberger were brought into the team. After this important event, the vendor made it to the Vienna Stock Exchange in March 2000. Although in the past only the traditional sports such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, Formula One, skis and boxing were offered for betting, in 2001 70% of the Austrian main trading group already knew the offered. In the new millennium, not only the annual turnover was quadrupled, but the company was also taken over 100% by Simon Bold Gibraltar Ltd. This was another milestone in the history of BETWIN and brought many positive side effects. For example, additional expertise, an expansion of the customer base and a further betting from the authorities of Gibraltar, with which BET WIN also became known in the Mediterranean region.

In 2001 the merger with the British company Party Gaming Plc took place, which was the greatest success in the history of BETWIN at that time. As early as 2002, an in-house live betting product was launched, which had virtually no competition, as well as a huge betting offer. In 2006 BETWIN got its present name. The reason for the name change was the goal to offer in the future also online gaming products like poker, soft games and a casino. To the top picture: BETWIN is part of GVC Holding and thus belongs to one of the world’s largest gambling groups. In 2011 BETWIN had succeeded. As a result of the aforementioned merger of the companies, BETWIN-party digital entertainment plc became the largest listed gaming company in the world, based in Gibraltar. As growth-inhibiting structures existed in Austria, BETWIN moved to the London Stock Exchange a short time later, where the provider is still listed.

The last big event at BETWIN was the sale of BETWIN to the GCV Holding, whereby the supplier with Austrian roots rose to the internationally active and established gambling tycoon. It is a mammoth task to present everything on the web as customer-friendly as possible with such a gigantic and unique offer in the industry. BETWIN also had some difficulties with it, and it took a few reboots until the website came into its current form. On this website, all offered sports bets are however intuitive to find and all feature are presented self-explanatory.

Particularly popular with customers is the possibility to set their personal favorites on the website. These help as well as the search function to find the favorite sport and the preferred competition quickly.

In our opinion, BETWIN is very well able to present itself competently and convincingly. While many other vendors try to get the attention of the people through eye-catching promotional graphics and pictures, the Austrian sports betting empire does not have it and has a simple design. Here, contrasting yellow and white lettering is placed on a black background, which is different in the shading between rubrics and side elements. Thanks to the orange background, the important live events and scores are immediately recognized.

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