Why Chess is a Sport

I play chess a lot on, and as my interested has increased, I also started learning chess on

a site called While reading more about chess, I found out that there are a few other

arguments in chess that attract more attention of people than the fact whether chess is a sport or not.

Both of the opposite sides of this hot argument have differing opinions, but despite all that, it’s not an easy question to answer: many governing bodies throughout the globe disagree. The International Olympic Committee has recognized chess as an official sport, but because it’s not regarded as a sport by some countries it has not been able to appear in the Olympics. This all comes down to how someone chooses to define a sport.

Defining whether what can be a sport and what can’t be a sport is a really tense topic. Women favor curling whereas most men find it to be confusing. People of America got really angry when the Olympics board didn’t let American football be included in the games. Chess may be a game which lacks athletic skills and all, but chess is a game of patience, it demands strategy, accuracy and mental power to win. A sport is described as, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment” in the Oxford dictionary.

Many people still consider chess as a sport because no doubt it lacks the ability to be athletic, but it sure does demand other abilities such as patience and strategy. We can say that like all rules have an exception, here the exception is chess. The International Olympic Committee recognized chess as a sport and included it into the list of their games. It’s not played in the actual Olympic games, but chess has its own international league held bi-annually called Fédération Internationale des Échecs

— or World Chess Federation. The Chess World Championships have been being held since 1886 whereas the National Chess Federation was founded in 1904. Nowadays aside from this main ones, chess competitions are organized at many levels: Schools, colleges, counties, cities, states, juniors, seniors, European, world, etc.

To be in the best state mentally, it is compulsory to be in a good physical state. Chess players need to concentrate for up to seven hours in a game, this fact usually stresses the player and the player is tensed, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates all rise. That’s why participants of the World Chess Championships have nutritionists and fitness coaches.

When playing Chess, the main goal is to win like every other sport. Chess involves constant concentration as well as using strategic methods to face opponents and understanding their play style to “Check Mate” them. Chess by all regards, in my opinion, is a sport and is treated as a sport by multiple countries and organizations throughout the world. Being a chess athlete requires just as much effort as normal athletes if not more. If you divert your attention for even a moment from the game and suddenly you lose your winning position and are in a losing position. No one can predict the outcome you’ll get until the game is over. What about you, which side of the argument are you on?

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