The best types of Football goal for kids

If you have sons or football mad daughters then at some stage they will no doubt ask you for some football goals in the garden. But which ones to choose.

Well there is a wide choice of football nets out there made from different materials and of varying sizes. Size will depend on two variables age of your kids and size of the garden. There is nothing more demoralising for a young goalkeeper than being constantly beaten by the star striker in the family (normally dad) so buying goals that are the right size and give him a chance is important. I would always go for ones that are slightly bigger or you will be constantly upgrading them.

Sizes start at around 4 foot by 2 ½ foot for really small footballers and they then have incremental increases in size right up to full size goals. We would all love full size football goals in our gardens but not many of us have the room.

Once you have chosen a size then decide whether you want them up constantly or if they are in the way of other garden activities such as the washing then you could choose a fold metal set, usually made of aluminium so they don’t rust and are light to pack away and the kids can manage them all by themselves. They aren’t the cheapest option but are adaptable, handy for many and they will last. You can still go for plastic covered metal football goals which come in bigger sizes and can be picked up at a reasonable cost or plastic ones for smaller kids. These are easily knocked over and can break when your kids fall on them as they are bound to do.

A good option is PVC goals which are a simple click together design and very similar to those you would find on a 5 a side pitch. You can put them up in 5 minutes, they are totally weather proof and in many cases come with a guarantee. Many come with carry bags so you can take them to the training ground or the park, they are also likely to include fixing clips and anchors so they will remain sturdy and not fly off when you really connect with a volley.

Other options you can add to your goals are football goal accessories such as target sheets which attach to the front of the goals with holes in to aim for, you can really hone your shooting skills with these. These can be bought in varying sizes so you will always be able to find one to fit your goals (not the smallest ones obviously as they don’t have room for a shot to each top corner and one down the middle

We have found that have everything that you could need, all sizes, all materials and with lots of accessories as well. Check out their range and get yourself kitted up for the soccer season, before long you will have a budding premiership star running around in your back garden.

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