The Best Sunglasses for Running

The chief goal of wearing sunglasses when out running is to protect the eyes. Protection from sunlight and also from the dirt and grime of the city streets (assuming you are an urban runner). Sunglasses also help to protect against glare and even snow during those chilly wet winter mornings.

But when you have to consider the type of sunglasses which are best for running, you must assume the four golden rules of choice. The first is that your protective shades must be resistant to shatter. The worst thing that can happen when out running is that the glasses shatter around those precious eyes of yours.

Now, you might think that a pair of sunglasses are unlikely to shatter but you’d be wrong. In summer, the air is chock full of insects and flying things that tend to annoyingly buzz at around eye level (just ask any cyclist or motorcyclist). Moreover, any runner can make themselves more prone to tripping or falling over during their morning jog. Landing on your sunglasses can be a painful experience. But if the said sunglasses shatter around your precious eyes the damage to your sight could be more serious than we could care to mention.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses that are shatterproof or resistant to splintering is therefore very important. The second item to consider when choosing the best sunglasses for running is the polarization. Polarized sunglasses are the very best thing to reduce glare on those bright and sunny days.

Even in the cold light of a winter’s day the glare from the sun can be even more intense as it sits low in the sky and beams directly into the eye. If it has snowed recently the glare from the ice can be even more blinding, so a polarized pair of sunglasses is vital for that morning run in the park, come summer, winter, rain or shine.

Thirdly, a good pair of sunglasses should be photochromic. This means the glasses become darker when you step out into the glare or brilliant light. Runners who favour a jog through glades, woodland and tree-lined running tracks will know exactly what we mean here. Even on a bright summer day the bright glare can suddenly change to a dim shade when running through an avenue of leafy oak trees. Your sunglasses must be adjustable to compensate for this.

Finally, make sure your sunglasses are adjustable so you can move them easily away from the eyes to wipe away any sweat.

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