Softball Strength and Conditioning

Sport-specific strength training or sports practice new concepts of speed, but in different situations are often overlooked exercise fastpitch softball players. Fastpitch athletes with different rest intervals short, explosive movements run. Softball pitcher and infielders and outfielders time to catch the moment is a different task. The rest of the frequency difference in their strength and conditioning program should be taken into account. It is a strength and conditioning program leading to personal growth and focus during the unique stresses. Taking this into consideration, here are three examples of a fitness program accordingly.

Power hitters:

Power hitters whose greatest asset in his bat through the strike zone has the potential to generate momentum players. Power hitter, could be high average and / or may have hit a home run. Especially power players catch or corner infielder players patrons. For this group, the lower and upper body strength and core strength of the program focused on the development. Conditioning workouts medicine ball trunk torque and power development and plyometrics 40 yards to improve the adaptation to put extra emphasis on speed endurance are included.

Speed Player:

The role of the player quickly and accelerate the pace of running a high terminal velocity is defined by their ability to maintain. This group of players usually slappers and are grouped together as the base stealers. Defense, this group is usually between the infielders and outfielders. Do not underestimate the power of a momentum player, because it is a strong player on the team, but the speed, endurance, agility training, and weight can be reduced compared to strength training. Exercise less emphasis on player’s full body movement, the typical routine to strengthen lungs and squats like the upper body strength. Cone agility drills, ladder drills, and is enhanced by a small shuttle. Finally, the speed, acceleration and endurance focus on running form and running sprints 40 yards focuses resistance difference.


The game, which player is the impressive result of the impact of the pitcher pitcher. They should only need to be an explosive pitch, but they also have patience, ability, many per week is to play long innings pitched. The lower part of their body is required to be exceptionally strong core and a wide range of motion. With a bit more emphasis on the whole body motion, like the players, pitcher conditioning training centers lower body strength workouts. Pitcher lower body to improve mobility and hip flexors and adductors to hold extra strong need to work.

Ultimate Training Cases:

Weather in the off-season fitness training sessions are dramatically different emphasis. Off-season to build muscle, strength, explosive power is a strong emphasis on the development of, and placed on injury prevention. In contrast, the weather in the maintenance, tuning, and injury prevention.
Basic training is the same for all three groups, but the number of sets and repetitions stressed areas may vary depending on. All groups squats whole body strength, lung, and the like plyometrics and strength training should develop power. Injury prevention stomach stability, flexibility in the body, is to develop lower back strength, and with the shoulder and rotator cuff addressed. All groups where they are conditioning the development of tolerance to the day is going to run or sprint stadium shuttle. During one week, the development of strength and conditioning for athletes, but with different amounts of time depending on their weight cover.